Getting the Jeep Ready!

I’m going to be posting here quite often hopefully. Starting out I’m going to get a thread started here about building out a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’m heading out in it within a couple of months and I’m thinking a bed platform for ore storage underneath and shelves on the other side. Just curious. I’m starting a ministry and I’m going to travel and talk to churches about mental health as well as do some public speaking. I came back from death twice and out from having a terminal disease (end stage liver disease) and given a few months to live. That was 2 years ago. I’m here and it’s time to go. Also, if you feel like giving to my cause to help this out…I will be adding to my YouTube Page, posting videos to the website, podcasting etc… to be able to be tracked as best I can.

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  1. Getting the build done! Started out just adding some of the shelves and bed platform. Looks like I’m going to have quite a bit of storage.

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