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An unquenchable thirst for adventure.


I'm passionate about travel and how it ties in to personal development. This website chronicles what I've learned so far, and my goal is to inspire you with what I've shared here.

- Josh Hagerty, freelance writer and aspiring entrepreneur

  • Making Travel a Reality

It's hard to imagine getting out of the country if you feel stuck inside the office. I'll give you some practical advice and steps to getting out of the daily grind.

  • Logistics & Planning

Things to consider before and during your travels, such as what to pack, how to pack it, tying up loose ends before you leave home, and adjusting to life on the road.

  • Recommended Destinations

While more people travel the world, there are still so many undiscovered hidden gems at every turn. I'll suggest some of the best "off the beaten path" places worth checking out.

  • Making Money on the Road

Unless you're rich or not traveling long-term, you gotta work on the road to replenish your funds. Luckily, from freelancing to telecommuting to odd jobs in other countries, you have plenty of options.

  • Traveling on a Budget

You don't need a secret Swiss bank account, but you do need financial means to travel. I'll show you how to stretch your dollar further and give you more time on the road for less money.

  • Travel Makes You Awesome

Above all, traveling will give you experiences to learn from and tough challenges to face. You'll learn how to make the most of your journeys across the world and accelerate your self-development with travel.

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