Ryan Graves

Hello and welcome to SoulTrek Ministry. My name is Minister Ryan Graves and I’m starting this platform to reach out and help show the way to a relationship with Jesus Christ. I became a true born again Christian about a year ago and have been working on my faith since. I was diagnosed with Chronic Acute Pancreatitis and then End Stage Liver disease and Christ brought me back from death twice with a purpose. I want to emphasize that I didn’t “find” God through fear and desperation but that He let me know he was there from diagnosis when I was given a very small chance to live 3 months. For some reason I had no fear of what was happening and I knew I was not only being taken care of but being brought in and transformed into a new being in Christ. I didn’t even feel like I needed to fight, as the months stretched on I ended up getting a GI Bleed and bled out the first time and they were terrified to do much for fear of making things worse. I don’t remember much of the first time except that I was so relaxed when I came back. The second one was much worse as I had lost so much blood that they were amazed I was able to stay conscious enough to get an ambulance. This time they had to do emergency surgery and start massive transfusions. They had to put what they call tips in my liver to redirect blood and much to their surprise my body already had a head start when they went in. They did not expect me to wake up and there aren’t really words to describe what happened except to say yes I saw a light and all of the pain was gone. I can’t really call it a conversation but I had the words come asking me if I wanted to go back and I said yes, I need to tell them what is waiting and that this is real. I woke up after what dr.s were telling me was the worst GI bleed they had ever seen. I’ve been back and forth but healing. I decided to start a ministry, I became ordained and also became a certified Christian Life Coach and counselor as well as a Mental Health and Youth Mental Health coach and counselor specializing in addiction and recovery. I believe my mission is to travel, do the christian podcast and videos, speak and preach. I’m also working my degree in divinity through Christian Leaders University. Initially my goal is to raise the money to get a modest travel trailer (I’ve already gotten the vehicle) to start traveling. I went and spoke to a couple of churches in Texas where my kids are with good feedback and would love to get started! I will be posting a Give link at the top as well as some videos and the podcast recordings. I will be growing as fast as I’m able to get this all set up and provide a great place to become the Christian you were designed to be! Thank you and God Bless you!